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What’s a rideshare? Ridesharing is a group of riders and drivers who travel a specific route in a shared vehicle at a specific time.

VanStar participants choose an alternative to commuting alone in their personal car to and from work. As a result, for example in 2016, these participants saved an estimated 2 million dollars in cumulative fuel, maintenance and wear and tear on their personal vehicle. Today, more Middle Tennessee commuters are experiencing significant savings in their personal transportation costs and less commute stress by choosing to vanpool.

Are you ready for a better commute? You can lower your commuting stress, save money on gas and parking, reduce wear and tear on your car AND help protect our environment. An average Vanstar vanpool contains 7 to 13 participants, taking 6 to 12 individual cars off of the road. There are no paid employees on a VanStar commute van.

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