About TMA Group

About The TMA Group

The Transportation Management Association (TMA) Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation was established in 1988 as a public-private partnership of business, government, and community leaders. TMA understands that transportation can make our region great or break the backbone of our communities.

TMA supports a regional transportation system that provides a variety of accessible, affordable, reliable, and interconnected transportation choices that are both healthy for the environment and for the public. TMA’s goal is for everyone-- in every community and in every stage of life, to have affordable and convenient travel options available to them.
TMA manages a variety of mobility, transit and transportation demand management solutions within the Middle Tennessee region.

Under contract with the Franklin Transit Authority (FTA), TMA manages and operates:

  • Fixed route transportation service through segments of the Franklin community
  • Transit On DemanD (TODD) curb-to-curb transportation service, by reservation only, throughout the Franklin community

Under contract with the Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee (RTA) / WeGo Public Transit and Williamson County Government, TMA manages the regional vanpool program, VanStar.

Under grant contracts through the Tennessee Department of Transportation, The TMA Group manages a regional carpool ridesharing matching program.

Under grant contract through TDOT, TMA manages regional Transportation Demand Management programs to assist employers and municipalities with developing successful transit, mobility, and commute options.

Funding for these programs is made possible by the U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Tennessee Department of Transportation, Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and fares collected from services. TMA is subject to annual audits by the State of Tennessee, the City of Franklin, Williamson County Government, and the Federal Transit Administration.


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