Federal Commuters

Federal Employees Can Receive Up to $315 a Month

Federal employees are eligible to receive up to $315 per month as a benefit for using mass transit to commute, which includes vanpooling. With a $315 transit benefit, vanpooling can be a more affordable transportation choice and one of the safest ways to get to work.

Here is how you get started:

  • Click on this link to register your commute and begin your search
  • Find a route that works for you
  • Apply for your federal transit benefit through your HR Department
  • Fill out the VanStar Rider Agreement
  • Start enjoying your commute

Reach out to the VanStar team at 1.888.924.6540 or info@vanstar.com whenever you need information or assistance. The VanStar goal is to help you find a ride match, save you money and reduce traffic congestion.

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See your HR rep for this benefit


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